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Due to the side effects of working with Lucy and completing work on the new defences for The Manor, Oli and Drage, and Josh and Pippa find themselves ...View Details

Josh and Pippa are enjoying a clear Autumn day with a picnic in The Manor grounds. It does not have to be night for the full moon to hold sway and the...View Details

Season 2 Premiere - Lucy and Pippa have devised a plan to test Josh in many sensual ways to see if him joining the sexier side of The Manor's business...View Details

Kai's kidnappers have locked him up with a drugged and dangerous werewolf on the full moon. Even though Elliot is usually a friend, Kair's only chance...View Details

The bonds on Josh's magic have been blown apart, condemning him to madness or death. Only Lucy, using her intersex form, Pippa, Gerry and the whole of...View Details

Josh is suffering the aftereffects of his uncle's machinations and Lucy, Nula and Pippa must intimately combine their supernatural abilities to bring ...View Details

Josh and Pippa are becoming closer day by day and Pippa wants to help him relax after all the stress he has had lately. She takes him to the orchard f...View Details

Josh needs to work out some sexual tension so goes to use the viewing corridor, but he could never have predicted the effect watching Lucy with a grou...View Details

Josh finds out his old pack tried to invade The Manor and it makes him think he might be kicked out for being a dangerous liability. Pippa, another we...View Details

Josh has been welcomed to The Manor by Lucy, but he still has a bond with his old alpha. To break this, he needs the The Manor's werewolf pack. He mus...View Details

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