Josh's bad reaction to watching Lucy in The Parlour has everyone asking questions. He needs to find answers. Lucy seemed to be the catalyst for the ev...View Details

Josh needs to work out some sexual tension so goes to use the viewing corridor, but he could never have predicted the effect watching Lucy with a grou...View Details

The Manor is taking a 1 week mid-season break and this episode we have vampires in London in Forgotten Soul. John was once an actor, but now he knows ...View Details

Lucy needs to recast the protections on The Manor to make sure they all stay safe from dark magic. For this she requires very specific things, includi...View Details

Oli, half-fae boyfriend of Drage, Lucy's right-hand dragon-shifter, is highly skilled at glamours, so Lucy has given the couple a covert mission to fi...View Details

Josh finds out his old pack tried to invade The Manor and it makes him think he might be kicked out for being a dangerous liability. Pippa, another we...View Details

Tom is a mute merman in a relationship with a powerful but aloof Kelpie, Paden, but they are both drawn into the situation with The Manor's new werewo...View Details

Josh has been welcomed to The Manor by Lucy, but he still has a bond with his old alpha. To break this, he needs the The Manor's werewolf pack. He mus...View Details

Lucy, a vampire-succubus hybrid, offers sanctuary to other paranormal beings at The Manor, a high end, adult-only, X-rated country club. Her latest lo...View Details

Sexy Stories Trailer

Launching April 7th 2020 - the deliciously naughty and exciting paranormal adventures of Lucy Smythe and her companions at the Manor.Transcript availa...View Details