As an officer of the fleet, Vid has many great qualities, her libido wasn't one she ever thought would be a requisite of the job. First contact with t...View Details

12 virile wizards, 1 High Priestess and their duty to their Goddess - deliciously sensual naughtiness for all! The Goddess Silara has commanded Her Ch...View Details

Breen is in love with Sylvie. He's a mage, she's a shifter, so their relationship is never boring. Jan is their friend and colleague and, through no f...View Details

Nen, High Attendant of the Lifespring, has brought Prince Ruan into the heart of her home to save him after a terrible accident, and to prevent the co...View Details

Having almost lost his husband a second time, but finding a power within himself to enable Manu a decisive blow against his enemy the Collectors, Owen...View Details

Kai's kidnappers have locked him up with a drugged and dangerous werewolf on the full moon. Even though Elliot is usually a friend, Kair's only chance...View Details

Jay's species are mostly female and part cat, although they look human most of the time. He happens to be one of the extremely rare males, is gay, and...View Details

Rory was thrown into the world of magic and shifters without his consent when he was turned by force. He has control issues because of the short time ...View Details

Toby and Dax are vampires with a long and not altogether peaceful history. Chase is Dax's vampire subordinate and lover, while Jamie is Toby's current...View Details

Jack used to be a secret agent, but one of his assignments turned out not the be pretending to be a vampire. Locked in the dark for twenty years, he w...View Details

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