Josh and Pippa are enjoying a clear Autumn day with a picnic in The Manor grounds. It does not have to be night for the full moon to hold sway and the...View Details

Drage and Lucy first met on an exciting adventure back when swords were the weapon of choice and indoor plumbing had yet to be invented. With Lucy's n...View Details

Fuyuko has been booked by a regular client to introduce his son to the delights of The Manor on his 21st birthday. However, she first needs to figure ...View Details

With Drage's support, Oli offers to help Josh discover if his bi-curiosity translates to bisexuality, with unexpected consequences for them and their ...View Details

Lucy must pay for vital information using powerful magic. She indulges in deliciously indulgent self-love to generate the arousal she needs to bring h...View Details

Drage and Oli come together with sensual intensity to become mates in the tradition of Drage's dragon-shifter heritage. The size-queen in the back of ...View Details

Lucy is there to help Oli and Drage with the intimate magic needed to increase the protection spells so they may cement their relationship safely, how...View Details

Dragon shifter, Drage wishes to apologise to his fae lover, Oli in actions as well as words. He must rebuild the trust he has damaged in the most inti...View Details

Season 2 Premiere - Lucy and Pippa have devised a plan to test Josh in many sensual ways to see if him joining the sexier side of The Manor's business...View Details

Luca has seen spirits since he was a child, but he's never bumped into horny ones before. They've never met anyone like him either, so it's a match ma...View Details

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