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Fuyuko has been booked by a regular client to introduce his son to the delights of The Manor on his 21st birthday. However, she first needs to figure ...View Details

Toby and Dax are vampires with a long and not altogether peaceful history. Chase is Dax's vampire subordinate and lover, while Jamie is Toby's current...View Details

Jack used to be a secret agent, but one of his assignments turned out not the be pretending to be a vampire. Locked in the dark for twenty years, he w...View Details

John is covered in the scars of other vampire bites from his kidnapping. He thinks Michael finds them disgusting, but there is something he does not u...View Details

Yuri never expected to be leader of his clan, but war has changed that, and the power is like nothing he could have expected. His needs are amplified....View Details

Karon is part vampire and needs blood. He's also a part human sorcerer and needs magic. To get both he had made a deal with Lilaro, demon prince of on...View Details

The bonds on Josh's magic have been blown apart, condemning him to madness or death. Only Lucy, using her intersex form, Pippa, Gerry and the whole of...View Details

Lucy has spoken to her father, something which leaves her emotionally and physically drained, luckily Drage and Oli are there to help her recover thro...View Details

The Manor is taking a 1 week mid-season break and this episode we have vampires in London in Forgotten Soul. John was once an actor, but now he knows ...View Details

Sexy Stories Trailer

Launching April 7th 2020 - the deliciously naughty and exciting paranormal adventures of Lucy Smythe and her companions at the Manor.Transcript availa...View Details

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