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Drage and Lucy first met on an exciting adventure back when swords were the weapon of choice and indoor plumbing had yet to be invented. With Lucy's n...View Details

Lucy must pay for vital information using powerful magic. She indulges in deliciously indulgent self-love to generate the arousal she needs to bring h...View Details

Lucy is there to help Oli and Drage with the intimate magic needed to increase the protection spells so they may cement their relationship safely, how...View Details

Season 2 Premiere - Lucy and Pippa have devised a plan to test Josh in many sensual ways to see if him joining the sexier side of The Manor's business...View Details

The bonds on Josh's magic have been blown apart, condemning him to madness or death. Only Lucy, using her intersex form, Pippa, Gerry and the whole of...View Details

Josh is suffering the aftereffects of his uncle's machinations and Lucy, Nula and Pippa must intimately combine their supernatural abilities to bring ...View Details

Lucy has spoken to her father, something which leaves her emotionally and physically drained, luckily Drage and Oli are there to help her recover thro...View Details

Josh's bad reaction to watching Lucy in The Parlour has everyone asking questions. He needs to find answers. Lucy seemed to be the catalyst for the ev...View Details

Josh needs to work out some sexual tension so goes to use the viewing corridor, but he could never have predicted the effect watching Lucy with a grou...View Details

Lucy needs to recast the protections on The Manor to make sure they all stay safe from dark magic. For this she requires very specific things, includi...View Details

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